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Do you need help finding a person? We are private investigators that specialise in finding missing persons in the UK. Over the past 7 years we have taken on cases from London to Aberdeen, and from Cardiff to Norfolk. We are also priced to be affordable to the general public.

Finding A Person

The first step is to email us with a brief description of your case. Who do you need help to find? Most cases can be started knowing only their full name. Please include any other useful information like age, date of birth, previous address, names of family members and when the last contact with them was.

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We have worked for business persons needing to find debtors, who ran away without paying what they owed. Solicitors have hired us for help in finding persons to take legal action against them, as well as beneficiaries who have money coming their way from a deceased relative. Landlords have asked us to find run away tenants who owe them money and damaged their property. We get a lot of business from the general public, from finding birth parents to finding old school friends.

If you need to find your birth parent, please email us stating what documents you have. Do you have both your birth certificate and your adoption certificate? Before 1970 all birth certificates were sealed and you won’t have it unless you have applied for it after 1970. It will include your birth mother’s name, address and age at the time of birth.

We deal with a wide variety of cases everyday, so give us an email and we will advise if we can help and if the work can be done legally and within our codes of conduct.

Why Hire Us?

Why should you hire us? You could always hire someone else, there’s plenty of detective agencies listed in the yellow pages. You could even try “finding a person DIY”. We are professional investigators, and it’s best to hire us because:

We were founded with the aim to work mostly for the general public and we have much cheaper prices than hiring a company that usually work s for “lawyer prices”. Our average fee for successfully finding a person is £150, bigger companies will charge £200 to £500 for the same investigation. It’s because of prices like these that a lot of people just give in trying to get back in touch with someone.

We know all the UK information laws and how to investigate finding a person within the law. If you try a DIY locate chances are you will break the laws and get in trouble, especially if you end up harassing someone you think is the person you are looking for but it turns out they are not.

There are a lot of scam websites out there. If you found this website through google, you will probably notice the listings before and after us were for DIY spy websites that claim to give you the tools we professionals have. We think it’s laughable! For your hard-earned £30 all you get is a list of links to American and Canadian public record sites, none of which can help you in finding a UK person but all of which need fees to search.

We can find your missing person efficiently, within 14-20 days and legally.

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How much does it cost?

Our usual fee is £49.99 upfront to get started, and cover our expenses. Then you only pay £99.99 when we find them and you are in contact with them by phone, letter or email. The initial fee covers our expenses, more than half of it is spent on the investigation. If we can’t find them you end up getting a professional investigating your case for less than minimum wage. The total if successful is £149.98.

We can accept most major credit cards and debit cards from the UK and internationally. We also accept Paypal, Nochex, Western Union, UK cheques and postal orders.

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